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Day 28 Quarantine Workout

Day 28 Quarantine Workout 4/13/20

WOD #1

3 Rounds

1 Minute of push ups

1 Minute of lunges

1 Minute of overhead press

1 Minute of coach deadlifts

1 Minute of jumping jacks

1 Minute of rest

For this workout set a 17 minute timer on you phone. The goal is to complete as many reps of the exercise as you can in the 1 minute then going right into the next. After your minute of rest at the end you start back at the top of the list and complete it a total of 3 times.

For the overhead you can use any object you can find in your house. I used a very large bag of potatoes my wife used a 2.5 gallon jug of water.

After the workout take a few minutes to catch your breath then do a

Tabata (8 rounds, 20 Seconds of work, 10 Seconds of rest)


WOD #2

Hold a plank for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. Do this for 8 rounds.

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