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About Us

At Vehicle City CrossFit we focus on foundational, functional movements that improve your strength, speed, endurance. mobility, and flexibility.

Our workouts promote healthy shoulders, backs, and knees. We provide you with daily workouts as well as a coach at every class that will lead you through all of the workouts ensuring you stay injury free. All of our coaches are certified trainers and will be able to answer all of your questions about fitness and nutrition.

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Vehicle City CrossFit's Mission is to provide expert level coaching in fitness and nutrition to provide our members with their best quality of life. 
Through these times we want to continue you to partner with you. Our number one priority and concern is your health.
We accomplish this through training together and being supportive to our fellow member. Each class there is small group coaching to provide you with the training to Create a Healthier You. Let's get to know your body and its capabilities. At Vehicle City CrossFit you become strong.
You become the machine.
We look forward to seeing you there.
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House Rules

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